Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Password Protect Your Broadband WiFi Internet Connection in Type 2 Wireless Modem


I just purchased a D-Link WI-FI broadband internet modem from BSNL. As a Wi-Fi modem, whenever i switch on the modem it provides access to any Wi-Fi enabled device in its range. 

It was necessary for me to restrict its usage with a password, so that others around me would not be able to access my internet without my permission.

The following steps worked for me well

1.    Open Your web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome...)

2. Simply type  It will directly take you to your modem management page.
3.    Enter the username and password                                                         
4.    By default the username and password is admin and admin
5.    Now click on the Wireless link
6.    Under the Wireless link you will see Basic link, click on Basic link
7.    Check the box Enable Wireless
8.    Enter any name you like to in SSID and click on save/apply button

As soon as you click on save/apply button, you will be disconnected from internet (you just changed the network name)

Now connect to the network again

9.    After you have done the above steps click on Security link
10.    Here under WEP Encryption / WPS Setup option, make it Enabled
11.  Scroll down to Manual Setup AP section.
12.  Now choose 128bit security and Network Key 1 // Skip this step if not available
13.  Enter your Network Key / WPA/WAPI passphrase: in the first field
14.  Network key / WPA/WAPI passphrase should be in 13 Hexa digits i.e. (A-Z)(0-9)For example : ABCDEFGHZRQ98, letters are case sensitive
15.  After you have entered this settings click on save/apply button
Now doing this your BSNL Wi-Fi network is safe and protected.
Now onwards, whenever you will connect to your wireless modem, it will ask for a password. Which is same as your Network key / WPA/WAPI passphrase.

The above tricks works well in maximum Type-2 modem models like Dlink, Siemens, ITI, iBall Baton.